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What is Alkaline Hydrolysis
Flameless Pet Cremation?

A Gentle Eco-Friendly Green Option

We utilize a process known as Alkaline Hydrolysis.

Most other providers use traditional flame cremation retorts which operate at extremely high temperatures to reduce the animal remains to ash.


The largest problem with traditional cremation is that is bad for the environment. 

Is Flameless Cremation Better?

Rather than use intense heat to incinerate remains to ash, our process puts your pet into a receptacle that contains 95% water and uses potassium hydroxide as an additive.  It's akin to giving your pet a bath vs incineration of remains.  


Our process of cremation is the same process that occurs as part of nature's course when a body is laid to rest in the soil. 

The alkaline hydrolysis process results in pure white powdery ash. The water that was used is sterilized and emptied into wastewater. Alkaline hydrolysis is a much gentler process and it admits absolutely no toxins into the atmosphere.  This is the true "green" option. 

This process is now available at our facility in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Alkaline hydrolysis is a fully approved cremation process in Oklahoma for both humans and pets. All local providers are currently utilizing flame retorts and are transferring remains outside of Shawnee for cremation processing. All our cremation options are completed in Shawnee. We own two separate retorts one for pets and the other for humans. 


This method requires about 90% less energy than traditional flame cremation and emits no harmful gases. This eco-friendly method of pet cremation is gaining in popularity among pet owners who are concerned about the environment and want a green way to honor their beloved pets.

This new option is now available to families and we would love to discuss this further with you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Our Pet Funeral Home has certified crematory operators and licensed funeral directors overseeing this entire process. 

What is Flameless Pet Cremaiton?

Flameless pet cremation is a way to remember your beloved pet while preserving its remains. Alkaline hydrolysis uses a chemical process known as hydrolysis to decompose a pet's body into basic organic compounds and inorganic minerals. The ashes of your pet can be stored as mementos or scattered wherever you choose.

In the United States, alkaline hydrolysis was first patented in 1888, but it was not until the 1970s that the method was adapted to pet cremation. Originally, alkaline hydrolysis was used for treating animal waste and bones. However, it was later developed by Dr. Gordon I. Kaye and Peter B. Weber at Albany Medical College. The process involves mixing an alkaline substance with salt, and the two commonly used chemicals are sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

Flameless cremation is an environmentally friendly method for pets and humans (offered at McElyeaa & Owens). It uses water instead of fire to break down body tissue. The process can be speeded up by using a pressurized container. The broken tissue and bones are flushed away. The rest is ground into a fine powder and placed into an urn.


While flameless pet cremation is new to the industry, many trusted institutions have been using it for years. The Mayo Clinic in St. Louis is one of the first to use this process for human bodies.


1/10th of the environmental impact of flame-based cremations
No direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses or mercury
Uses 90% less energy than traditional cremation
Returns 20% more ash remains to family
A gentle and respectful option
A flameless process that uses water vs fire

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