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Flameless Pet Cremation
in Shawnee, Oklahoma

At Paws To Remember we make a paw salute to you and promise to always offer

  • Prompt and efficient collection from your vet center, home, or location of your choice.

  • Give your pet the compassionate, dignified mortuary care by the fully trained staff it deserves.

  • The creation of a unique pet identifier to track your pet throughout our entire process to ensure quality individualized care

  • We guarantee private flameless cremation if requested.  Your pet will be placed in their own private stainless steel cradle

  • Prompt return of your pet's ashes. Usiually withing 48 hours. Please note the keepsakes and mementos can take longer as they may need to be individually produced or customized off-site.

  • Prices incule pick up within a 50 mile radius of Shawnee, OK. (additional miles are $2/ one way).

  • You are welcome to drop off your pet's remains  during regular operating hours.  

  • Payment arrangements must be made prior to cremation. 

We do not charge based on the size of your pet.  Large pets are welcome at the same discounted prices. All sized dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and other small pets are welcome.

Not currently taking livestock or equine. 
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Private Pet Cremation $180


Pets are cremated individually and cremated remains will be returned to the family or clinic in a temporary urn with a paw print keepsake. Your pet's remains will be picked up at your private home or veterinarian's office. Learn More

Communal Cremation $70


Communal cremation means your pet will be cremated alongside other pets.  No cremated remains will be returned. This will take place at our Shawnee, OK facility. Call to schedule a drop-off. 

Veterinarian Cremation

We work with many vets in the Shawnee area, and we are happy to reach out to your pet's vet too in order to arrange services.  Clinics click here for more info.

Upgraded Urns & Keepsakes


We offer a variety of keepsakes for the entire family. We are happy to divide the remains and place them in any of the keepsakes found here

pet funeral home flowers
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