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How to Write a Pet Obituary 

First, know there is no right or wrong way to write an obituary for your pet.

The goal is to set up a memorial for your pet for healing and sharing.  We hope that this can be a healing process for your grief. 

Tips for Your Pet's Obituary:

  • Note the tiny things- these are what we miss the most.

  • What did your pet love? (toys, beds, trips, foods)

  • Tell us about you & your family & those the pet has left behind

  • What was your pet like? (personality, good qualities, quirky qualities)

  • Was your pet a baby or a rescue? 

  • Where did your pet sleep?


There are no right or wrongs here, be as long or short as you wish. ​ Be sure to involve the whole family. Some of the best pet memorials have been written by children. 

Writing an obituary for your pet is certainly a personal experience and a process that can be somewhat therapeutic in the sense that it allows you to share the best memories with your pet.

The main tip to keep in mind is that you know the best words to say to honor your pet. Speak from the heart, and the rest will work itself out. 

Pet Obituary Examples

A pet obituary is a tool for healing, when you write your pet's obituary be sure to celebrate not only your pet, but your relations with your pet too. 

Senior Rescue Dog

Our loved senior dog was a  rescue that came into our lives two years ago. We were lucky enough to find him at the BEST RESCUE in OKC, and it was love at first sight. Over the past two years, we have provided him with a peaceful home to live out his best life. He loved his stuffed toys and couldn't resist a homemade snack. He is missed. 

Kitty Cat

Cat, our favorite feline girl, departed from us on July 27, 2022.

Cat was a unique girl that adopted us when we moved to Shawnee. She just wandered up on our 1st day in our forever home and never left. Guess it's true, that our pets choose us. 

Over the last decade, Cat ruled the house. She was there when we brought home our twins and Cat will be in the heart of each one of us. She always seemed to know how to comfort all of us, even in our darkest moments. From the body wiggles to the mouse collection on the porch—we will miss everything about our precious Cat. 

From a Child

My whole life I have had my Buddy. My mom says when she brought me home from the hospital it was instant love and from that moment on Buddy became my shadow. I loved to ride my bike with Buddy. Buddy was my hero during tornado season, he never left my side.  He's the best friend I've ever had. I'll miss you Buddy--and Daddy said that all dogs go to Heaven. 


Furever Missed & Loved. Sweet Bella crossed that rainbow bridge last week. Bella was born on April 16, 2004. A beautiful full-blooded AKC Standard Poodle with hair for days.  Bellas loved to eat, her favorite foods were watermelon and pumpkin. Her favorite activities were hiking and swimming in the lake. If I am being honest, Bella loved everything about life, except storms. More than anything Bella loved me.  She never judge me, she just loved me. I miss coming home to her wagging tail and griming smile (yes she smiled). We will think of her every time we see a pumpkin pie or slice up a watermelon.  In honor of Bella, give your pet an extra big hug today and a bite of their favorite treat. 

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