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No. I WAS NOT prepared. </3

So, I recently lost my baby boy (puppy) SaakaKaama. He was 16 weeks old. I had him cremated via his vet.
I wanted to share with you pictures of his kit, though my pictures don't really show the true beauty of these items.
This is a fantastic way to honor my sweet baby boy, Saaka, and it will be an equally fantastic way for you to honor YOUR lost loved one.
As you can see, I placed his print, with a snippet of hair inside of a shadow window box to further preserve it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I miss him so much, my heart hurts. Now however, I can keep him with me...aside from him being in my heart always.
I didn't have him for long, but the love I had for him was tremendous! </3
Someone threw him out, like trash, to fend for himself. He was 3 weeks old, so, not weaned! I fell in love with him immediately. <3

I will say, without getting into detail, there was 1 slight issue, but, the customer service I received from Robert Owens was incredible!
He worked with me, to the very end, to make sure the situation was resolved. His compassion & care was truly undeniable.

If you find yourself seeking the need of a Funeral Group, I would highly recommend this one in Shawnee, Ok.

Thank you for allowing me to share Saaka with you.

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